About OWL

Are you prepared if a loved one goes missing?
Owl - Once Was Lost can help you during the unwanted and unexpected event a loved one is missing or lost.

OWL is a World Wide, Real Time phone application for iOS and Android platforms.

Users enter descriptive details of dependents, upload a recent photo to the app and save those details. In the unwanted event a user has one of their dependents go missing, become lost or runaway for example. Just recall those saved details in the app, update the details of your current location, time and "initiate alert". All users logged into the app will receive your missing persons alert and all user location's will be viewable on the user


map. Chats and coordination of efforts between the "initiator" and "users" can assist it's people to recover those missing people faster than current antiquated processes.

Before leaving your house on a trip anywhere; the mall, a sporting event, an amusement park or the airport. Any large area people can be separated. Take the time for that current photo opportunity, save it in the app with those descriptions, and in the worse case scenario you lose a loved one. Initiate your alert and find your lost ones.

The success of OWL is dependent on its user base. Join us today and support this movement.

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Owl – Once Was Lost Inc is proud to announce the creation
of the Owl Once Was Lost Podcast !

In cooperation with Drew Smith we have decided to expand our similar ideas and offer a new angle to missing person cases. A podium for families to share details of current missing and lost persons cases as well as cold cases that are shared on the Owl – Once Was Lost App.

The podcast will operate in conjunction with the app. Its host will interview the family, law enforcement or anyone else that is providing missing person information to the phone app in real-time, offering a more in depth look at the details of what has happened.

We will help to provide all the relevant information and the listener will get a chance at “Immersive Podcasting” and become a participant helping to recover the lost or missing individual and solve the case. Contact information will be provided to send in leads and tips.

This true crime podcast is NOT for entertainment purposes, the people and places involved are actual real-time missing person and cold cases. The information provided is serious, very time sensitive and critical to the safe recovery of those lost.

Finally here and the first of its kind, this missing and lost persons recovery aid (the app and the podcast) is the tool that law enforcement and families have been looking for! Take advantage of this helpful new resource, share it with your friends and family, help Owl-Once Was Lost Inc spread its wings across North America and the World to provide a live network in real-time and Together we can help bring those lost home.

Post your missing, lost, runaway or abducted family members or friends on the Owl – Once Was Lost App available on Apple App Store and Google Play. Submit your Cold Cases for the app and podcast to:

Owloncewaslostglobal@gmail.com or owltipsandleads@gmail.com

Please subscribe and rate our podcast 5 stars and help us climb the podcast ladder. Your rating is critical to our channel gaining popularity and traction amongst all the other podcasts available. Review and rate us and help Owl soar above the rest. Thank you !